The Law of Attraction vs. Science

I like to think that people are becoming more intelligent in their approach to personal development, getting a better, deeper, more realistic understanding on human psychology and life. Then I see the exploding popularity of ideas such as the Law of Attraction, and it makes me wonder.

In case you’re not familiar with it, the Law of Attraction is a concept promoted by New Thought writers, widely spread through the release in 2006 of a film called “The Secret”, followed by a book with the same name. It states that you attract in your life what you think about, not just through motivation, but also through other means. In other words: thoughts become things.

So if you think about what you want and really focus on it, you will make it manifest in your life. On the other hand, if you think about what you don’t want, what you’re running way from, like a lot of people do, you will attract more of that in your life.

I think that if the formulation of this so called ‘law’ of attraction would have stopped at the first part, saying that your thoughts affect your motivation and thus your results, it would have been just fine. And this is something I can agree with whole-heartedly. What you think about has a great influence over your emotions, which has a great influence over your behaviors, which has a great influence over your results.

But nooooo, the Law of Attraction takes one giant leap further by stating that your thoughts directly alter the very fabric of reality. Thoughts are sending out magnetic signals which rearrange the reality and attract what you’re thinking about back to you. The supporters of the Law of Attraction say it is science and it is supported by what is now known in the field of quantum physics.

Well, let’s look at what science truly has to say about this and more specifically, let’s look at this through the thorough eyes of the Scientific American, one of the most credible science magazines:

The brain does produce electrical activity from the ion currents flowing among neurons during synaptic transmission, and in accordance with Maxwell’s equations any electric current produces a magnetic field. But as neuroscientist Russell A. Poldrack of the University of California, Los Angeles, explained to me, these fields are minuscule and can be measured only by using an extremely sensitive superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) in a room heavily shielded against outside magnetic sources. Plus, remember the inverse square law: the intensity of an energy wave radiating from a source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from that source. An object twice as far away from the source of energy as another object of the same size receives only one-fourth the energy that the closer object receives. The brain’s magnetic field of 10x15 tesla quickly dissipates from the skull and is promptly swamped by other magnetic sources, not to mention the earth’s magnetic field of 10x5 tesla, which overpowers it by 10 orders of magnitude!

In other words, as much as you would like to think, you’re thoughts are not powerful enough to directly change reality. If you want change, you actually have to get your butt off the couch and do something about it.

It doesn’t stop here. Supporters of the Law of Attraction also state that your thoughts can have radical influences over your own body. Here is one quote relating to this from the book called “The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne:

The most common thought that people hold, and I held it too, is that food was responsible for my weight gain. That is a belief that does not serve you, and in my mind now it is complete balderdash! Food is not responsible for putting on weight. It is your thought that food is responsible for putting on weight that actually has food put on weight. Remember, thoughts are primary cause of everything, and the rest is effects from those thoughts. Think perfect thoughts and the result must be perfect weight.

Are you fucking kidding me? Any person with some decent knowledge of human physiology and psychology can tell you that it doesn’t work that way. This idea borderlines on insane: even if you can consciously influence some activities in your body through your thinking, you can’t directly control the process of gaining weight this way, just like you can’t directly control some of the muscles in your face.

I find it amusing that the Law of Attraction is even labeled as a law. Because when I think of a law, I think of something which has been tested and confirmed through serious scientific research, using scientific methods. In this case, it simply does not apply. The Law of Attraction is over-simplified and pumped-up personal development, made out to sound like science.

Nevertheless,  a lot of folks buy into it. I sometimes meet people who are eager to improve their lives with just one big self-improvement idea, and they talk to me about the realism of the law of attraction like it’s plain as day: “It’s been proven! Haven you seen ‘The Secret?” I did. But when I want stand-up comedy, I still prefer George Carlin.

Focusing on your goals is an important piece of the puzzle called getting the life you want; but it is still just one piece. Effective planning, action, perseverance and adaptation are also important pieces. Take these into account as well in your personal development, and then you’re talking.


  1. Hi Eduard, I couldn’t agree more about the deception and dysfunction that’s inherent in the “law” of attraction.

    In one respect, and as you’ve pointed out, the first tenet is useful, as our thoughts *do* in part make up our reality. And becoming conscious of them, mindful about them, is the often the first step in undoing long-held dysfunctional beliefs and behavioral patterns in one’s life. I think this realization is what has made “The Secret” so popular for so many people.

    The rest of the hype, is just that, hype, and offers hope of “magical” shortcuts. Food consumption and weight gain not being related if you refuse to believe it? Wow. We only could wish! Just spend time meditating about being rich and one day win the lottery? Again, pipe dreams. But these are the “solutions” The Secret offers to its readers. Deceptive, dysfunctional, and downright dirty.

    Great job taking on this topic and dispelling the myths, uncovering what’s really of value and what is not.

    Miche 🙂
    .-= Miche – Serenity Hacker´s last blog ..Making Big Changes: Energy and Resistance =-.

  2. Eduard,

    Technically you’re right. But I do not actually agree.

    Actually our thoughts become/change WHO we are, not only our motivation. And being a different person – brings different results. If you believe you can, you’re right, if you don’t you’re also right.

    Of course, saying it’s a LAW, bla bla bla, – makes people BELIEVE, without getting into complicated explaining which most people wouldn’t comprehend.


  3. I’ve been fascinated by this debate for a long time.

    Does the law of attraction have any scientific support? And I find your blog a thoughtful place and truly inspired in filling in some good insights.

    For me it all started in late 90’s when I bought a coaching session with Tony Robbins, one of the most popular “Law of attraction” preachers I could find back then.

    His explanation was something like this:

    “Sow a thought, and you reap an act;
    Sow an act, and you reap a habit;
    Sow a habit, and you reap a character;
    Sow a character, and you reap a destiny”.

    It took me more then 6-7 years of practicing the BS to realize something very important:

    Even though the causality in the sequence above holds some truth, there is one important problem!
    How do I chose my friggin’ thoughts?
    Is there any true choice?
    Is there anything outside of my own brain that can take a decision of what my thoughts are going to be?

  4. @Miche – glad to see we’re on the same page

    @Mihai – I see your point. I think we’re saying the same thing in different words. However, from changing you as a person to directly changing the outer reality through thougths is a giant leap.

    @Doru – I think you can consciously choose your thoughts. Not all of the time, but some of the time, and thus create new thinking habits. How do you choose your thoughts? Choose what is rational and what serves you best.

  5. Hi Eduardo.

    Great article, here. I think that you’ve done a great job. I also only agree with the first part and not the second part in some ways. However, one thing about the human brain that we now know is that the subconscious mind can’t distinguish negative from positive.
    So, thinking about being thin and thinking about not being fat will have the opposite effects, even though logically you would think they’d have the same.

    The subconscious mind just sees “fat”. It doesn’t recognize the “not” part.

    Very interesting. In a years time when I have read up more, I’m going to consider writing a detailed article on the rights and wrongs in the Law of Attraction.
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Short-Term Gains Are Shorter Term Than You Think. =-.

  6. THANK YOU!!

    There are so many otherwise rational people who cling to the “law of attraction” as if it were some sort of panacea. On the one hand, believing in a “law of attraction” can be beneficial for some people, and it is hard to argue with something that is beneficial. However, too many people delude themselves into inaction with the belief that this “law” will manifest a better life if they just think hard enough.
    .-= Dave @ 30DaysAtaTime´s last blog ..30 Day Challenge: February 2010 =-.

  7. This is a thought provoking article. I have read about the LOA and watched The Secret. My verdict currently is that there is something to be said about the LOA (whether self delusion or not) But there also something to be said about the valid points you have raised.

    Ironically i just did an article i entitled “Why the Science of Success Theory is Flawed”, there are flaws without question but as to whether it is 100% trash is something I am not sure i can say.

    Thanks for your valuable post.
    .-= Christopher Kabamba´s last blog ..What this New Blogging Experience means to me =-.

  8. @Gordie – Hi and thanks for your thoughts. Maybe you’ll write a book instead of a detailed article 😉

    @Dave – I notice the same phenomenon. Smart people can believe dumb things if they really want to.

    @Christopher – There is a lot to be said about the Law of Attraction. I don’t really have a problem with the fact it’s imperfect and not a complete solution. I have a problem with the fact it’s promoted that way. Like ‘the secret’ which alone will give you everything you want.

  9. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

    LOL! This has been my response to the B.S. about the Law of Attraction as well.

    In my opinion, when it comes to “manifesting success,” your thoughts only matter insofar as they lead to action.
    .-= Mark Cancellieri´s last blog ..Keep Score by Tracking Your Net Worth =-.

  10. Hi Eduard. I agree with you. The Law of Attraction was really hyped up, to say the least. Clips from the secret were sort of ridiculous. That quote you put with the weight loss made me wonder this question. How can food not be responsible for weight gain? Bad carbohydrates is responsible for weight gain, not our thoughts on the effects of food. The thing that I do agree with, or “the concept” of the Law of Attraction is that our thoughts do affect the results of what we want to a great degree. But ultimately, it comes down to us taking action to get there, period.
    .-= Hulbert´s last blog ..Improving on Time, Character, Mentality, Emotions, and Health =-.

  11. I don’t agree with you here. Let me explain.

    First, if the quantum physic theory is true as they say, then there’s no need to create enough energy, as every atom is connected to all the others.

    But as I’ve tried to explain in a recent post in my blog, you don’t need to prove the quantum theory, as you can stop a level up: your brain. Since you talked about psychology, you already know that your thoughts directly modify how your brain is wired up. So by being positive you create positiveness in your brain.

    Regarding physical things, I can explain that too. If you really desire and act as you already have something, your brain will do its best to find a way to give it that thing. I’m experiencing this every day. Coincidence or not, if I clearly states what I want, one way or another I’ll get it, of course by taking some action.

    I have an high respect for you and I know this is a delicate topic, but for personal experience I’ll say listen to the law of attraction, but don’t worry about how it works. And if you really have to, look at psychology. I hope we’ll get a chance to talk about this one day, I’m sure we can both learn a great deal from each other 🙂
    .-= Oscar – freestyle mind´s last blog ..How to Achieve Your Goals =-.

  12. @Mark – nicely said 😉

    @Hulbert – yeah, I also agree with the concept of attraction, but beyond that…

  13. Hey Oscar,

    Your comment here really impressed me, as you have a very positive way to express disagreement.

    I know that even though all that changing the matter with your thoughts stuff is unscientific, the law of attraction can still be valid to a degree, because as you say, the mind will try to turn thoughts into reality.

    I just don’t believe it’s enough in most cases. I have seen people thinking really hard about stuff they want for a big part of my adult life. And for the most part, it is just daydreaming. Hell: I do it all the time! Thoughts are a good start, but they alone are not a complete formula for getting results.

  14. Patrick Dieter says:

    Eduard et al:

    While The Secret presents a grossly oversimplified and almost neo-religious approach to the Law of Attraction, I assert that it still works. Yes, it is one’s own mind (distinct from “brain”) that generates and initiates, and yes, most of us are rather swamped with contradictory thoughts. This perhaps explains why our lives appear random when compared to our loudest thoughts. I have used this form of manifestation quite effectively for many years, and Napoleon Hill laid it out many decades before Tony Robbins.

    To make it work, it does often require action on the part of the thinker. It is a natural progression, which is why the initiating thought is given so much attention in this model. Without the clear intention, the mechanism is irrelevant. If the intention is clear, the mechanisms will be obvious and abundantly present.

    As mentioned in this discussion, getting clear initially is perhaps the most difficult part, and many of us have decades-old thinking habits that are based on the assumption of this random state of existence. When possible alternatives such as this are presented, it also represents an almost total rebuild of our basic mindset, which is also keyed to our survival mechanisms. In effect, we have a very primitive, powerful part of our brains that is shooting hormones and neurotransmitters into our systems. These chemical messengers all have one simple message: “change equals death!” It is natural to resist this possibility, since we subconsciously equate this great a change with sudden death and we react accordingly. Knee-jerk reactions are movement of a sort, but I think many people simply learn to alternate knees, allowing a crude sort of forward motion, but not a whole lot of grace or control.

    It takes an emotional buy-in and involvement (even if you are faking it a bit at first) coupled with repetition and practice to filter out the chaos and find our heart’s true desires. This is the other piece — if you are attempting to manifest a Corvette, it sort of depends on why you want it. If you truly, deeply love the Corvette and can “just see” yourself driving it with great pleasure, then you are likely to find a way to manifest the car. If you want it based on self-doubt, or looking good for others, then you may have a problem, since these are based on trauma and fear rather than true pleasure and desire.

    The reality here is far more subtle than “The Secret” or than this brief post, for that matter. I still assert that I can point to a wonderful, long list of successes in my life that are directly attributable to this form of manifestation.

    Not everything I attempt to visualize comes true. The ones that haven’t materialized so far have all been exquisite learning experiences for me about why I was reaching for a goal that was not in alignment with my own spiritual identity and true self-actualization.

  15. Forget this Law Of Attraction stuff. If you want gold read think and grow rich. It explains the ins and outs of how to become successful. Period.
    .-= Tomas Stonkus´s last blog ..Weekly Update =-.

  16. There is no support for the Law of Attraction in science. Enthusiasts point the double-slit experiment, and quantum entanglement but these simply indicate that the universe is connected in way we don’t understand.

    The Law of Attraction is highly appealing–what can be better than getting what I want by simply thinking about it? So I would ask the people who pop up Ferrari’s in the driveways and muscled metrosexuals to sweep them off their feet–what about the holocaust victims, and the children of Darfur and Rwanda and Haiti? What about the seven year old girl who is dying of leukemia? Did they manifest themselves a horrendous reality? Isn’t it a little narcissistic and egotistical to believe these things?

    The fundamental flaw in the Law of attraction is this: if it really manifest what we are, then that is very unhappy news for most us. Most people are full confused patterns and the past and painful emotions and conditioning and the ego. Whether the law of attraction works or not, it makes much more sense to develop awareness, be present, and release the rubbish in us. Ironically, the people who do this and awaken out this delusion, have no interest in the Law of Attraction. I think it was Arjuna Ardagh who said the the LOA is like billionaire begging in the streets.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    .-= Kaushik´s last blog ..A Handbook of Awakening =-.

  17. The risk with many great ideas is that they attract some followers who accept without question and turn a great idea into some kind of dogma. Somewhere along the line, the great idea that our reality can be shaped by our thoughts became a ‘Law’ and a dogma.

    Equally there’s a danger in throwing out the whole thing when there are some aspects that don’t make much sense, or don’t fit with our reality. We can then lose the good things that an idea has. What I take from the Law Of Attraction stuff is that I co-exist with reality – I’m both separate and part of it at the same time. By changing myself (including my thoughts, but not only) then I can have a big effect on the world around me. I don’t think this is unique to LOA, but the LOA does package it in a way that’s accessible to a lot of people (though I might question the motives of many proponents of it).

    It’s great to read someone challenging this stuff so directly …
    .-= Ian | Quantum Learning´s last blog ..The Truth And The Only Way =-.

  18. Things like LOA and The Secret have all the wrong intent. Visualization exercises are meant to prepare your mind for proper action, they aren’t a means to an end in-and-of-themselves.

    Really LOA and The Secret are watered down versions of Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich,” which is a great book in the 1930s that focused not just on visualization but actually instilling a passion and a desire to ACT and achieve those goals.
    .-= Steven | The Emotion Machine´s last blog ..Mindful Risk-Taking: In Life And In Business =-.

  19. Food for thought…I once believed that if you wanted it bad enough, IT WILL COME. Well, I put in a request for a tall man that would love me (remember 20 years ago) also a thought had passed through the abyss..smoking man. Well, I got the blooming idot. He’s tall, smokes, (manifestation) ok, sometimes you do get what you want…to a fault.

    Thank you for the blog. It’s so good to hear both sides of the story. I seek out both sides to be honest.

  20. @Patrick – I also have manifestations of what I focused on in my life. I think we all do. To what we attribute that is the really interesting part. Is out our thoughts? Our actions? Karma?

    @Tomas – I prefer Think And Grow Rich, which has similar concepts but much better presented from my perspective.

    @Kaushik – Nicely said. I see you are also a big fan of logic and science in personal development.

  21. @Ian – Thanks. Being direct seems to be one of my … either strong points or weaknesses, depending on who you’re listening to. String point if it is me. 😉

    @Steven – I totally agree. Visualization is just mental and emotional preparation. The first step, not a complete journey.

    @Dianne – You got him. But does this mean that wanting him bad enough single-handedly and directly influenced the universe to give him to you? It seems simplistic to me to think this way.

  22. Wow, controversial topic and I loved how logically and clearly you explained it Eduard.

    I’ll tell you what my take on the whole law of attraction thing is.

    I believe in the law of abundance. I know sounds even more new agey:) By the law of abundance I mean that I believe that this world is full of opportunities. They are literally everywhere we go.

    The problem is if we are not clear about what we want, if have some contradicting limiting beliefs that make us focus on what we don’t want, we simply do not notice those opportunities.

    If we don’t notice them, we can’t act on them. If we don’t act, we don’t get the results.

    So I believe that clarity and right focus are extremely important so you are able to notice what is already there.

    It has nothing to do with attraction. We don’t attract anything. It is already there. All we need to do is to notice it and act on it.
    .-=´s last blog ..How To Clear Your Limiting Beliefs =-.

  23. Eduard: Oh, you’re totally right, there is nothing simplistic about life. I was trying to be funny. When I was young, I did wish for this to happen. My point was that sometimes life will give you that rose. Think through what you may want, think wisely, as there is always ambiguity.

  24. Oooh Meaty topic Eduard.

    Firstly, yes, I do believe in the LoA but not in the way that it is portrayed in The Secret. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Bob Proctor speak and I’ve seen John DeMartini and met him in person too.

    I have to say I loved hearing Bob speak. He was very passionate and you can tell by the way he speaks he truly believes in what he says and I could understand how he has been so successful. His knowledge is sound and he answered all the questions well.

    John is a totally different kettle of fish. His understanding of the LoA and science surpasses anything I’ve ever heard anyone talk about and he’s the only one I’ve seen give a thorough explanation of quantum physics and how it ties into the LoA.

    Yes there is some scientific basis for LoA but one could never ever say it’s conclusive.

    As for the point you made about diet, yes there is an element of Truth to what Rhonda was talking about but unfortunately she took that too far. It’s like saying I could survive my entire life by eating chocolate bars and be perfectly healthy. Eating chocolate bars is not part of a healthy mindset and so you cannot be healthy just be eating chocolate. Sure you can eat chocolate occasionally with the right mindset with it having zero impact on your health.

    I say if you eat chocolate with guilt, your body isn’t in the right condition to make the most of that food. If you eat the chocolate in a powerful attitude of appreciation you’re eating it and reaping benefits too.

    To me, eating food with a guilty conscience is like a kick in the teeth to people who have no food. So when I eat foods occasionaly that aren’t so good for me I eat it with a healthy attitude.

    @Doru – Yes you do have choice, your choice to leave a message here is proof of that. Yes there is a larger overall destiny but anyone who says that you were destined to leave a comment here, or your genetics determined it, is quite frankly, an idiot.

    @Kaushik, thought provoking stuff and I wish I could provide answers regarding the children being forced into slave labour or dying of diseases. Therein lies the biggest fallacy of The Secret. There are certain things beyond our control however we can choose how to perceive andrespond to them. I believe there’s deep underlying reasons for those events like pre determined choices. Does it mean I shouldn’t go over there and do something to help them? absolutely not! I will do what I can where I can.

    Nice article Ed, you’ve inspired some new ideas for new articles for me! 🙂
    .-= Amit Sodha – The Power Of Choice´s last blog ..7 Enlightened Thoughts For A Kick-Ass Day =-.

  25. In summary what we think we attract. What your thought because what you think you will become or manifest. The point is to ask yourself what life do i want to live? Then think in this direction. If you want to live a great , outlandish lifestyle, do so. Start with begin in harmoney with empowering belief rather than disempowering beliefs.
    .-= Jonathan Figaro´s last blog ..Your Dying If your Not Using Your Imagination =-.

  26. @Lana – I like it. This abundance mindframe makes a lot of sense.

    @Dianne – I got it. I think I missed the humorous nuance the first time. This is one reason why I prefer face to face conversations ;).

    @Amit – thanks for the input here man. Now would you stop it with the food metaphors :))

    @Jonathan – that is a good Sssstart.

  27. The thing about what attracts is that what you think about, talk about and get off your ass and do something about is what comes about. I’m a huge fan of Larry Winget and he has a lot of that to say too.

    You attract the negativity or the positive into your life but in order to make anything happen you actually have to make something happen. Action beats the crap out of thoughts and talks all day long.

    Good post! 🙂
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Lets Help Each Other =-.

  28. I had the fantastic opportunity to discover Esther and Jerry Hicks audio books about LOA. They are, in fact, the “parents” of LOA, and I discovered in their books a deeper, fabulous LOA explanation than anything that could reach out of that infamous “The Secret”. In fact, The Secret has as much to do with the real, profound LOA theory as Paulo Coelho’s books. You will not find anywhere in Esther’s lessons on LOA an attempt to scientifically validate the theory; the LOA it’s, then, a pure personal development way, or, using their exact words, a way to always feel good and be in alignment with your inner self.
    I also read a lot on personal development, I follow personal development programs, and I could say that, in the LOA books by Esther Hicks you you find a little NLP, a little TA, a lot of positive thinking, a little bit of almost anything I know about personal development ways or tools. So yes, one could consider LOA as the one big personal development idea to follow in order to improve one’s life.

  29. This is one heck of a topic – you’ll definitely stir up some serious debate. I think that the Law of Attraction is best seen as where we put our attention, we are most likely to identify opportunity. For example if my mindset is all about looking for men with facial hair, I’ll see them everywhere (try this some time – you never notice them overwise). On a more serious note, when we focus out thoughts on achieving something and see every situation as an opportunity, there is a much higher chance of success. Whether the universe has a part to pay is something for whole volume of books, so lets leave it there. Good post!

    Phil –
    .-= Phil Bolton´s last blog ..12 Sources of Inspiration =-.

  30. Hey Eduard.

    You’ve made a strong case here. I pretty much agree with you.

    Calling it a law might be the wrong way to have gone about labeling it. While our subconscious mind does process things we have set as our plans or desires, we don’t magnetically attract items we think about or seek. An orange doesn’t juice itself.
    .-= Armen Shirvanian´s last blog ..An Interview With Gail Brenner =-.

  31. Thanks for all your comments happy people 🙂

  32. Well one thing is for sure – this is certainly a topic that many people have opinions on.

    Scientists seem to be concurring with the general premise of the LOA. But scientists admit that they still do not have ‘the answer’ yet to all of life’s many mysteries. Instead they have a set of theories still waiting to have the dots joined.

    Personal experiences of my own seem to suggest that there is something to the LOA. Yet I remain optimistically open minded (if there is something to it, I’d rather have it working for me).

  33. “The secret” change my life, my perspective about what i am and about the things that are around me every moment.
    We are what we do and what we think constantly!

    Congratiolations and thank you for what are you doing! Our world need to know these things!!!

  34. I think the law of attraction is all subliminal. It is about telling your subconscious mind to keep on the look out for good opportunities. If you are walking a tight rope then you don’t want to picture yourself falling, do you? You want to picture yourself crossing over perfectly. Just like with professional sports and the Olympics, the athletes visualize and see themselves winning the race, medal, or prize. It just tells your mind to watch out for everything it can so that you can have your best possible performance. This works with other areas like business.

    .-= Ruke´s last blog ..Create a State of Mind Reflex =-.

  35. Hey Ruke,

    I wouldn’t call it subliminal (I have a problem with that word) but I agree with the idea. The LoA is about influencing your own psychology rather than directly changing matter with your mind.

  36. I found out about the LOA this very week with reading ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Great book btw.
    An audiobook of Joe Vitale, ‘the secret’ took the LOA a bit further today.
    I never saw the movie.

    Did you ever heard about or saw on tv that ‘identical twins can feel eachothers pain.’ ?
    Or that a mother can ‘tell’ that something ver bad happened to her son by just ‘feeling’ it?

    Or this is all coincidence or there is something in the air we can’t explain nor measure.

    Anyways, some of the comments here made it clear to me that you may never let the LOA do the work and to take action.

  37. The thought process is just the beginning.

    The concept is not new either. Advanced work in taoism has known this type of stuff for years.

    The law of attraction is a sloppy version of either taoist or buddhist thought that what you want in life already exists. The conditions to make what you want visible in the physical world just need to be met. For example, a wheat field. The farmer plants the seeds, cultivates the field, watches over it with the conditions of sun, rain, and the gestation period of the seeds, and within a few months, he has a field. This defined law of attraction is the planting of the seed. You still have to go about cultivating, and working on the field while it grows before you can harvest it.

    I would not call the law of attraction bogus. It’s simply only a partial truth.

  38. Hello!

    I hope I will not repeat any information stated above. So, here it goes my understanding of the law of attraction:

    Step 1) I am HIGHLY aware of my present state.
    Step 2) I am ULTRAHIGHLY aware of my desired state (not ideal, because ideal has an intangible connotation. i want my desired state become reality as soon as possible).
    Step 3) Just adjust my behaviour on the basis of the following feedback loop: “Is my current behaviour taking me from the current state to the desired state? What other resources do I need?”

    Most of this can be deeply explained by NLP (this is where I got this insight from). It’s as simply as my driving instructor told me: “Not checking the mirrors is like driving blind-folded”. I put it the same way: “Not having a detailed and precise goal make you part of someone else’s goal”.

    • This sounds like highly sensible behavior to me, which is in fact, rare.

      I think a person can basically achieve any long-term realistic goal by constantly noticing the present results, understanding them and adapting their strategy accordingly. It is a lot more than just focusing on something in the hope this will attract it.

      • Well this is exactly what I meant by “Just adjust my behaviour…”

        I wanted to explain where does the “law of attraction idea” comes from and what is the most important factor: ACTING (behaviour and feedback), not fantasizing.

  39. I have been using the law of attraction to bring into my life the things I most want. It works for everything as there are no limits to what the universe can give – the only limit is your own imagination. It just takes understanding and knwoing it will work that makes it so powerful. It s quite extraordinary – do have a look!

    • Whaaat? I don’t really buy that. Whatever results you’re getting could simply be a placebo more than anything else. I did have quite a good look and my verdict is that the LoA is self-help quackery.

  40. I like this article because it points out a key part of using the law of attraction to gain control over your life and that is we must begin with our thoughts and how we perceive something about ourselves in order to move towards our goals. As far as using the Law of Attraction on the magnitude of our focus can have a great deal of influence over the chemistry of our brain. The emotional center is triggered by defeated or fearful feelings that come from a lack of knowledge, and as long as we continue to live with that chemical effecting the right frontal cortex we will none the less experience the same thought patterns. Maybe not so much that we attract certain situations but how we respond to them, focus on them, deal with them has a great deal of influence over our progress to living a better life.

  41. Himanshu says:

    man they are just fucking people mind and fucking thier money too…….i think if u want to have something u must just grab that thing not just think about that and think it will come….life is not so easy…but it becomes easy if u just do a little hardwork and remove all the problems

  42. Himanshu says:

    i just want to know that who gave birth to this LOA….man in my country it is taught ….’Karmanaye vadhikaraste maa phaleshu kadachana’….which means ….give your best in every task given to you without thinking of the result…and then you will get beautiful results

  43. Kristina says:


    I will have to agree with that it’s no science what Rhonda talks about. However, what she says is true, and can be explained in non-magical terms.

    When you change your thoughts, you change your focus. When you change what you are focusing on, you only notice these things around you. This is how you ‘attract’ opportunities and things you want – she even says that these may have been there before, you just didn’t focus on finding it.

    This comes down to knowing your goal. You need to know where you want to go in order to start noticing the paths that will lead you there. I don’t think she means you can sit in a dark room for 2 days thinking about money and then the third your name gets announced on telly that you won some money. If your thought consist of sitting in a dark room, you won’t ‘attract’ anything but static things into your life.

    When someone says ‘attract’ I think they just mean that you notice what you want easier because you are looking for it (you asked for it) and when it’s there you react to it in a certain way. As for people ‘just daydreaming’ when visualising something: as Rhonda says, many people do just daydream, as this won’t bring results. They see getting what they want in the future, and if that’s the way you see it, it will always stay ‘in the future’. It will make them see their actions toward the goal in the future as well, which means they wont act on them.

    I could go through all points mentioned but I think you get the idea that everything in that film/book can be explained in terms of psychology. The bottom line is that it doesn’t say you don’t have to do anything to get what you want, that would be plain stupid. It just simply says your mindset will influence what you get.

  44. Johanna says:

    I think this is a very interesting post.

    I feel that our beliefs certainty do play an important part in how we react to and interpret our environment. The healthier our beliefs the more we interpret the world in a positive way and create more and more amazing opportunities for ourselves. Having a healthy belief system and a system for making meaning and understanding in our world helps us to feel at peace and connected with the world.

    I feel the more extreme ideas regarding the LOA can potentially be unhealthy. To believe that our thoughts literally create reality could lead many people to become fearful of having certain thoughts, especially those struggling through illness, loss and fears. How unfair to tell people that they have created an illness or a form of suffering.

    I believe it is much more important to develop a healthy belief system that makes us realize how valuable, unique and perfect we all are. When we realize the good within ourselves and act in ways that promote growth, love and understanding we can not help but create a reality that is wonderful. In this light even crisis can bring gifts for learning and a search for meaning.

    Thank you Edward for sharing your knowledge and insight. A very interesting discussion indeed!


  45. ameh samson says:

    i think the law of attraction goes beyound how you guys wrote it.decovering has made me to understand that you are a living magnet and you inevitably attract people and circumstance in to your life that harmonise with your doutful thought,this thought emotionalise completely.this means that when you think about a particular thing you what to become in life you become exyremely excited because you see possibility in the place people do not see possibility and makes you want to actualise your aim in life.the thought of a man is what makes the man great because behavior is a tool for the expression of thought.

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